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Find your
dharmic purpose & breakthrough
stagnant conditioning



Ritika is a Master Sattva teacher, Vedic Astrologer and Life Coach.

Journey with her as she identifies and breaks through limiting belief patterns and aligns you with your true purpose so you can live the highest potential of your life. 




"Journeying with Ritka came at the perfect time for me. I moved through a range of emotions, and psychosomatic shifts.


The first new days of our recent journey really challenged me. I felt aggravated, troubled, indecisive, lost and from day 4 onwards everything seemed to ease.

I found a new rhythm, a sense of more joy and contentment. I found confidence and peace."

- Paul

"During my 21-day journey I was able to overcome a long-standing fear of loneliness which was released. I have not felt lonely once.


I have felt connected to the universe, to the practice, the goddesses and to others. This practice has generated a final release of something I have been trying to resolve for years.


It has been very finite, powerful and resolute."

- Sharni

"In all the things that I have tried nothing has moved or transformed me like Kriya. I’ve never stuck with any ritual, except Kriya.


It’s so powerful and works from the inside, out.


I felt it shift energy inside of me, that’s been stuck for years."

- Chelsea


Receive an in-depth understanding of your natal astrological chart to gain insights into your strengths, dharma & purpose and understand your karmic lessons.

Then journey over 6 weeks to refine any stagnant energy using remedies of personal mantra, kriya practice &/or goddess work. 

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