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Astrology Offerings



Jyotish, the first sister science to Yoga, translates literally to “science of Light” and is referred to as the “Eye of the Vedas”.


Jyotish describes the planetary patterns at the time of our birth and can give us valuable clues to understanding your life’s journey. Using the time, day and place of birth as the primary data points, a jyotishi (astrologer) is able to see your individual life journey map. 


Through careful analysis of these patterns, Ritika can support you to align with your highest purpose and give you a clear path and direction moving forward. Whether it’s because you are at a crossroads or simply wanting to live your best most evolved life, readings are a profound and beautiful way to gain clarity and alignment. 


By studying the planetary transits, and changing periods of our lives, Jyotish can help you make evolutionary choices, offer clear, practical, remedial measures to navigate areas of difficulty with ease and grace. It is a practical tool to manifest our true destiny and create success in all areas of our life.

Online and in-person readings are available.

$220 AUD for a one-hour session.


(7 weeks)

Receive an in-depth understanding of your natal astrological chart through a Jyotish Reading to gain insights into your strengths, dharma & purpose and understand your karmic lessons.

Then journey with Ritika over 7 weeks to refine any stagnant energy using remedies of personal mantra, kriya practice &/or goddess work. Break through any limiting belief patterns and conditioning allowing you to live the highest potential of your life.

Online and in-person readings are available.

$798 AUD for Astrology reading and 6 mentorship sessions. 

Contact me for more information-

"Let the eyes of the soul be open.
Allow yourself to realise who you really are." 




Sattva Meditation is a kriya and Mantra based technique steeped in Yog Vedantic tradition hailing from the High Himalayas.


The yogis like Mahavatar Babaji passed down these teachings through Sri Yukteshwar and finally journeying to my teacher Anand Mehrotra through his teacher Maharaj ji  Anand Swaroop.


DAY 1:

In-depth understanding of the science behind the technology of Sattva.


Meditation: Mind/Body connection, states of consciousness, brain waves.

DAY 2:

Step by step initiation into Kriya 1, learning to access the Higgs Field, the unified field where all atoms originate from.


Initiation into your personal Mantra. This unique sound current acts as a magnet for your mind, drawing your attention inward and bringing you effortlessly to a place of stillness.

DAY 3:

Practice Meditation Technique

Understand stress release 

Deepen experience

Questions answered

2 x follow up calls with Ritika for any questions or queries

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

  • Regulates sleep cycle

  • Clarifies one’s sense of purpose

  • Creates a greater alignment with nature

  • Awakens and fine-tunes intuition

  • Increased sense of well being and happiness

Online and in-person initiations are available

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