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Dasha Mahavidyas Retreat

Explore the Mystical Teachings of the Dasha Mahavidyas

Join us for an immersive 5-day retreat to uncover the ancient secrets of the ten great wisdom goddesses.

The Dasha Mahavidyas are the oldest form of sadhana (practice) in the tantric path. These secret teachings within Shakta Tantra focus on the worship of the Divine Mother in her ten powerful forms. Each goddess offers a unique pathway to spiritual knowledge and enlightenment, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of the universe and yourself.

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Date: August 14-18, 2024
Location: Sattva Sanctuary, Australia

The Goddesses

The Dasha Mahavidyas teachings require deep commitment and spiritual maturity, guided by a teacher who can lead the Sadhaka (practitioner) through meditative practices, mantra chanting, and gyana (wisdom). Each goddess has her own yantra and mantra, aiding in spiritual upliftment and inner transformation. This esoteric knowledge emphasizes internalizing divine qualities, dissolving the ego, and realizing one's inherent divine nature, ultimately leading to moksha, or liberation. These secret teachings highlight the seriousness and sanctity of the spiritual path, ensuring they reach only those truly prepared. Each of the ten goddesses represents a specific aspect of the supreme cosmic power of Shakti, the female principle, and offers a unique pathway to spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. Here’s an overview of the ten goddesses and the wisdom they impart:

Kali: She is the embodiment of time and the destroyer of evil, teaching the ultimate reality of the universe and helping to transcend time and space.

Tara: Often associated with protection and compassion, her teachings help in overcoming obstacles and navigating through life's challenges.

Tripura Sundari (Shodashi): She represents perfect beauty and the transcendent beauty of the three worlds. Her teachings are about seeing the divine harmony in all things.

Bhuvaneshwari: As the mother, she teaches about the underlying unity of all creation.

Bhairavi: The fierce and terrifying aspect, teaching courage and purification through confronting one's fears.

Chhinnamasta: Represents self-sacrifice and the detachment from the material aspect, emphasizing the importance of self-transformation.

Dhumavati: Her teachings focus on dissolution and the inescapable truths of decay and destruction, leading to a deeper understanding of life and death.​

Bagalamukhi: Known for her power to paralyze enemies, her teachings focus on the power of speech and the ability to conquer and control adversities.

Matangi: She teaches about the internal and external purity and the importance of using one’s power of word wisely.

Kamala: Her teachings represent prosperity, purity, and involve both spiritual and material wealth.

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Daily Flow

Morning: Sacred ritual ~ Meditation ~ Yoga & Breathwork


Wisdom session


Afternoon: Rounding


Sacred Ritual

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*These practices are profound and can take participants very deep. Therefore, it requires practitioners to be mature spiritual seekers with at least one year of steady meditation and yoga practice.


Cabin shared AU$1699

Single occupancy AU$2499

Daytripper AU$1399

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