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May 19, 2022 - May 22, 2022 

Sattva Sanctuary Australia


About the Course


After years of lockdowns, constant assault through the media (both mainstream and social), we have had our nervous system in a state of fight or flight 


With questions like

To hug or not to hug

To mask or not to mask

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate


It doesn’t matter which lane you chose, there has been an unhealthy dose of fear and anxiety. 


And then came the floods. The biggest test of our resilience yet! What division covid had created in our community, the floods washed it away. We were guided to look out for our neighbours instead of dobbing on them. We are a community once again!


Lets deepen our resilience and openness, by coming together for 3 days. 


Fear and anxiety undermine our nervous systems. When we are in a state of fight or flight, when our nervous system is dis-regulated, we can't  function optimally. Our immune system suffers, our mental health suffers, our ability to have normal day to day functioning is hampered.


In these 3 days, we will take a deep dive into Vedic wisdom Practice kriya and pranayama to reset our nervous system Practice yoga to bring back health and balance to our whole system Through ecstatic dance, we will be invited to express our fear, our anger, shake it all out of our system. With gentle yin yoga we will invite healing and wholeness. Through ritual, we will reset the rhythm of our lives again. Through chanting together, our hearts can open again.

According to Tantra, rituals are a great access point for the divine. Our altar is the outer expression of our inner sacredness. As we approach our altar, we drop into our heart space. A sense of surrender and reverence arises spontaneously. 

Rituals make us slow down

Rituals make us tune into the rhythms of nature

Rituals bring softness and grace within us

When you pick a flower to offer at your altar that flower becomes sacred

When you light an incense at your altar it infuses the entire space with sacredness

When you chant mantras and put offerings of your intention into the yagya fire, you are channeling the power of the elements to transform you

When you are doing kriya, your intention has the backing of nature to push through boundaries, to even soften the blow of karma

When you do japa, you are uplifting your frequency to resonate with the frequency of nature you are invoking.


We can literally transform our lives through sacred rituals. Rituals anchor us to our divinity. Then mundane life becomes divine. Start and end your day with ritual, and the day becomes infused with the fragrance of sacredness. Before you know it, your vision changes and you are able to see the divine in everything. Then your whole life gets meaning, purpose. That is true dharmic living.


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Reset re-emerge reconnect retreat

Day-trippers/BYO tent


Cumulative costs for 3 days

Shared cabin.jpeg

Reset re-emerge reconnect retreat

Cabin accommodations - shared


Cumulative costs for 3 days

King cabin.jpeg

Reset re-emerge reconnect retreat

Cabin accommodations - Single


Cumulative costs for 3 days


  • 7:00am - Puja ceremony

  • 7:30am - Kriya and Mantra Meditation

  • 8:00am - Morning tea

  • 8:30am - Sattva Yoga and Breathwork Journey

  • 10:00am - Breakfast

  • 11:30am - Wisdom Sessions

  • 2:00pm - 4pm - Lunch and free time

  • 4pm - Wisdom Session

  • 5:30pm - Evening integration flow session

  • 7pm - Dinner

  • 8pm - Fireside session

  • 9pm - Good night



How to travel to Sattva Sanctuary? 

If traveling interstate, and flying in then the best airport to come into is Gold Coast airport. This airport is 30km from Sattva Sanctuary. You can book the shuttle bus after you know the flight times.
Byron Easy Bus. This shuttle bus will take you to Yelgun stop from the airport. Travel time around 30 mins. Once you are at Yelgun, we will have shuttles that will transport you to the retreat centre. Please let us know what time your shuttle will arrive at Yelgun. 


Does it offer excellent connectivity?

We encourage retreat goers to disconnect with the outside and connect with nature while on retreat. There is connectivity

Does the retreat have safety arrangements?

We have a basic first aid kit on site. If you are on any medications, please ensure you have enough with you. There is a pharmacy located in Burringbar town, 2 mins drive away, in case of emergency needs


What are the accommodations available?

Shared accommodation in cabins. Bathrooms are shared. Our retreat goers love the outdoor showers on the premises. 


What should one pack (clothes/food) for the retreat?

Warm socks/ scarf/beanie for early morning meditations

Pashmina/natural wool shawl (preferably white or light coloured) for morning meditation and puja

Water bottle

Yoga Mat - We have yoga mats on site but if you love your mat, bring it along

Comfortable shoes for walking and exploring the beautiful natural surroundings 

Toiletries - please bring biodegradable where possible

No laundry services on site but there is a laundromat in Burringbar town 2 mins away

Any other questions, please email me at


Does the retreat have an ATM?

No ATM on site but there is one in the general store, The Barn, in Burringbar town, 2 mins away


Are there any cafes/restaurants in the vicinity?

There is cafe that you can walk to for a good coffee in Burringbar, Elwood Cafe. It is open 7am - 2pm


Is food included in the retreat package?

Delicious, gourmet, chef prepared vegetarian meals are included in the retreat price. For most retreat goers, food is one of the major highlights at Sattva Sanctuary

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